Success Express – Live music – Very Talented Musicians

19.00 Sunday 7 July 2013
Après, London
31 Duke Street, W1U 1LG London, United Kingdom
Hosted by Success Express Music

My mind is frazzled, cooked, burnt, and wasted. I am overwhelmed, but cannot go to bed until this is said. I just went to the ‘Real’ Britain’s Got Talent, the underground one, no, really, it was literally underground, so much talent crammed into one room; is that even allowed to happen? it felt like a some sort of musical speakeasy, during prohibition, bootlegging great music, I kept expecting the ‘Anti too-much-talent secret police’ to burst into the place armed and ready, frightened of the possible consequences of having too many talented people gathered at the same location doin’ their own thang.. Yes, their own thang. The thing witnessed tonight was truly overwhelming; sometimes, after seeing a truly great artist, I joke that I’m going to sell my electric piano on EBay the next morning, and drop the idea of trying to play anything ever again. Tonight was one of those EBay nights. High quality performances all around. It is almost unnerving to sit there and see performance after
performance at such high levels, we’re just not used to that sort of thing, we’re used to x-factor out-takes, nuff said. It went from R&B-like soulful Singer/keyboardist Paulaa Klupsch, then Guitarist/singer David Blomiley from the Straight Til The Morning Band to driving Latin numbers and moving Spanish ballads by various groups… it was just all too much… But I must mention two performances here, this isn’t to say the others weren’t top notch, they definitely were. First Laura Najam; Laura is a master of dynamics, caressing you gently with soft vocals and a tender touch at the keys, then suddenly waking you from the lullaby with a jolt, full of soulful gospelly power, then she mocks, making you laugh involuntarily, with her ironically honest humour… and Oh my god… this girl can siiiiiiiing, so much soul, I heard her sing before but this time, I’m speechless, you sit there thinking, ‘how can someone create on that level?… it doesn’t make sense, it’s too powerful, it’s too moving, and it’s too much fun, but there it is right there in front of you… it’s impossible… but it lives. Another performer, Nika (Nicol Zelinska)(she’ll kill me if I spelt that wrong I guess ) with her guitarist, their connection and musical banter was brilliant, each song full of surprises… when Nika opened her mouth to sing, I was brutally killed to death, it was a violent death, But it was a ‘GOOD DEATH’, it’s not just the great voice, it’s what she does with it, the dynamics, the excitement, the great story telling, the ability to bring out the emotions of the music, amazing … cancel the X-factor, send Simon Cowell home, Britain’s already got talent , it’s just that many of us often deprived ‘Brits’ don’t know exactly where to go to find all these talented people. Sitting in a room full of them tonight was very humbling. And that’s the most surprising thing of all. These artists are not signed yet (correct me if I’m wrong). Put them up next to the average signed artists and they will definitely stand their ground; unless of course everyone in that basement had something severely wrong with their hearing; perhaps all of us are wrong? Mind you, if you hated any of the music please tell, we’re waiting!

Want some great live music? checkout Success Express Music. They have their own Facebook page, with video snippets of some of the performances, if you like what you see, you will be blown away by the live performances.


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